Current Areas of Works

We work closely with both police forces and the public they serve, effectively improving the relationship between them and promoting the need for a restorative justice system. They include services that engage with the general public, ex-offenders, health sector organisations and police forces, easing any tensions between all parties whilst encouraging open lines of communication.

Our current work includes:


Restorative Approaches in Housing

The RAiN has the aim of introducing RJ practices into neighbourhood policing, with the ambition is to make the benefits of restorative approaches available in every community.

Neighbourhood Restorative Justice

Restorative Solutions set up this project under the supervision of the MoJ to bring restorative approaches and, more particularly, restorative justice, to communities across the country. Neighbourhood Restorative Justice projects empower local communities by giving them the tools and support needed to implement and run their own schemes.

Restorative Approaches for Persistent and Prolific Offenders

This very successful programme has resulted in the implementation of restorative approaches for persistent and prolific offenders in a number of areas across the country. Following this experience, many areas have developed further RA services.

Transforming Rehabilitation

As trusted advisors to the MoJ, Restorative Solutions has been in close contact with a wide range of stakeholders to define and select effective solutions, design bespoke services, identify key indicators to measure performance, and construct a realistic financial strategy.

Restorative Solutions offers significant strategic and operational experience that minimises risk and guarantees a high level of quality and performance.

Pre-sentence RJ Pathfinder Programme

The Pre-sentence programme has been testing the introduction of RJ within existing CJS processes and structures, its attractiveness to all parties involved, and its effectiveness in terms of victim and offender satisfaction.

Contact us to find out more about this path-setting project.

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