Police Complaints

Restorative Solutions CIC has worked with Police Forces and other employers to introduce Restorative Approaches into their complaints handling procedures.

In Bristol for example,  Avon and Somerset Police  have introduced a comprehensive Restorative Approaches offer to complainants when dealing with complaints suitable for 'Local Resolution'. This provides a proportionate response to such complaints, resulting in higher levels of satisfaction amongst complainants, whilst at the same time, providing an opportunity for staff to explain face to face with complainants, the reasons behind the action taken.

Such an approach to complaints handling allows for those members of staff complained about, to face their complainant and to subsequently reflect upon the situation giving rise to the complaint - a powerful tool in enhancing the quality of service delivery to the public, especially within public sector organisations.

Restorative Solutions CIC are able to provide a bespoke package to employers wanting to develop this area of their activity.

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