Restorative Approaches for Persistent and Prolific Offenders (RAPPO)

In 2010 Restorative Solutions were awarded a three-year grant by the John Paul Getty Charitable Trust to develop a programme introducing Restorative Approaches for Persistent and Prolific Offenders.

The project aims are to work with an Offender Management Unit in different geographic areas and train a small cadre of restorative conference facilitators to deliver conferencing to prolific offenders and their victims. The area would then be encouraged to roll out the concept to other IOMU’s as support would be provided to train a small cadre of RC trainers to build in-house capacity and sustain the programme.

In the initial 18 months of the project, the following has been achieved:

  • Agreement has been reached to work with IOMU’s in Durham, Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire, North Wales, Northumbria, Lancashire, Staffordshire and West Midlands
  • Approximately 80 staff have now been provided with the skills to undertake direct victim and offender conferencing
  • During the summer of 2011, University students undertook research with Durham victims, who had participated in restorative conferences – the results indicated a very high level of satisfaction with the RJ process and improved confidence in the Criminal Justice system
  • Several of the areas initially engaged have now developed wider RJ strategies including integrating RJ conferencing within the court process via specified activity requirements.

The project will progress to ensure each of the participating areas develop a capability and capacity for undertaking restorative conferences.

Additional information for download includes:

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