National Offender Management Service (NOMS)

The NOMS Restorative Justice Capacity Building Programme is a really ambitious piece of work. 1,000 prison and probation staff will be trained over the next two years to run Restorative Justice conferences. The model is innovative consisting of a three-day course followed by two days of mentoring support for practitioners handling live cases in the months following their initial training.

Our partners, the Thames Valley Partnership, are putting in place guidance on how to build the infrastructure to operate Restorative Justice at scale – the intriguingly titled, Wait ‘til Eight. They will be providing practical advice to help prison and trust managers to put in place robust, integrated, sustainable systems to maximise the use and effectiveness of Restorative Justice.

As the new practitioners develop their skills, Restorative Solutions will be offering training for trainers so that they can pass on their skills to other staff and in doing so, laying the foundations for a step change in how NOMS help victims and reduce reoffending.

The Institute for Criminal Policy Research at Birkbeck College, London University, will be evaluating the programme; a researcher, Ali Crossley, has been appointed to do the fieldwork. This is not an evaluation of whether Restorative Justice works. We know it does, it’s looking more at how to bring about the changes we need to make wider and better use of it.

Phase one has started in the North of England with Cumbria, Durham Tees Valley, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Northumbria all taking part. These areas will be pioneers, and help us to refine our model.

We’re giving all prisons and probation trusts the opportunity to bid to be part of the programme and will shortly be announcing the full seven Phase roll out. Watch this space.

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