During April 2012, a restorative conference was held in Rochdale facilitated by staff trained as part of the Restorative Solutions RAPPO project and Rochdale Probation.

The offence was a robbery where the offender had hid in a female toilet and then assaulted and robbed the female as she entered the toilet cubicle. The offender had been caught and sentenced to 54 months imprisonment.

Prior to the conference the victim and her husband were visited by the trained police officers and "prepared" for the conference. This was particularly relevant as the offence had been committed some years before.

The conference went well with the facilitators describing it as "an emotional, impactive and productive meeting demonstrating the real benefits this kind of intervention can bring to both the victim and offender for long term resolution."

There were a lot of tears, frank explanations and real insight as to why David (the harmer) did what he did which was ultimately to feed an off the scale class A drug habit. The victim (the harmed) and her husband even offered to give David and his partner a lift home afterwards and the facilitator received a text from the offender later that day thanking the team for allowing him to participate in the impactive restorative conference.

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