Bespoke and Specialist Training

Restorative Solutions are at the forefront of developing training for all areas of Restorative Approaches. To this end we are constantly researching and developing training packages to skills practitioners in these areas. If you do not see what you need in the basic list above please call and if we do not already have the programme we will develop it with and for you.


Examples of bespoke training;

With the establishment of Victim Hubs and Contact Centres we have developed a range of courses to training staff who are in contact with Victims of harm and crime and may wish to be involved in Restorative Approaches. Each one we have developed has been adapted to the particular needs of the client and is consistent with their processes.

All our training in the Housing, Education and Care Sectors is similarly crafted.


Examples of Specialist training;

With the expansion of the use of Restorative Approaches we have developed specialised training for those dealing with Harmful Sexual Behaviour, this ranges from a comprehensive three day training package delivered by experts in the subject to overview and awareness of the issues in practice in this area.

Domestic Abuse is an area which require great sensitivity, skill and understanding both in the adult arena and increasingly with young people, amongst peers and towards parents and carers. Again we have developed packages to address this area.

Hate crime similarly requires enhance skill and understanding, we have developed packages, with partners, both for Restorative Practitioners offering the approaches and for those working with victims of such crime and harm. Allowing Practitioners to hone their skills and those working with victims to understand the benefits of a Restorative Approach for their clients.

All our work is based on evidence based practice and experience. Please contact us to discuss your specific training needs and your learning objectives. We will develop and deliver a high-quality programme that is perfectly adapted to your requirements.

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