About Us

Established in 2004 by Sir Charles Pollard and Nigel Whiskin MBE, Restorative Solutions is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC). We are committed to supporting frontline practitioners working in the community and the public sector by creating and managing innovative programmes, delivering training and services to enable the use of restorative practice.

We work nationally and locally with organisations to make restorative approaches accessible to all.

Media and Research Enquiries

We are keen to work with the media to dispel myths and increase awareness around restorative approaches. Likewise we are enthusiastic about new research and will endeavour to provide information and support where possible.

 Restorative Solutions CIC can provide:

  • Up to date and accurate information on how restorative practice works
  • Comment from leading figures and practitioners
  • Case studies of how restorative approaches has been used

If you would like to speak to somebody who has participated in a restorative activity for your project or production we would be happy to pass the details on to people we think would be relevant.

Please contact us to discuss your project:

Kate Hook, Director of Corporate Services:

Email: KateHook@restorativesolutions.org.uk 

Resources for Documentaries and Productions

Please note, as a not-for-profit organisation we rely on grant funding to deliver services that reduce the impact of conflict and harm.

If you are looking for help with researching a documentary we can happily put you in touch with one of a number of experts on the issue. Our Policy and Research team may be able to assist you with statistics and wider research, while our Business Support Services team could you give you a broader introduction to the organisation and an insight into how we support individuals.

As ours is a small not for profit organisation, we field many media requests and requests from TV development teams, our policy is to ask for a donation of £100 for an hour of our staff’s time. Otherwise, we can arrange a 10-15 minute call between you and one of our staff for a briefer education on the subject.

Tony Walker, Director of Practice Delivery:

Email: tonywalker@restorativesolutions.org.uk

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