Our People

One of our core values as an organisation is to work with only the best people in the delivery of our services. We believe that our permanent and associate staff reflect this principle.

Sir Charles Pollard, Non Executive Chairman

Email: charlespollard@restorativesolutions.org.uk

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Sir Charles Pollard

Gary Stephenson, Chief Executive/Director Restorative Solutions CIC

Email: garystephenson@restorativesolutions.org.uk

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Gary Stephenson

Atul Sharda, Director of Business Development

Email: atulsharda@restorativesolutions.org.uk

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Atul Sharda

Tony Walker, Director of Service Delivery

Email: tonywalker@restorativesolutions.org.uk

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Tony Walker

Kate Hook, Director of Business Support

Email: katehook@restorativesolutions.org.uk

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Kate Hook

Judy Hargadon, Non-Executive Director

Email: judyhargadon@restorativesolutions.org.uk

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Crispian Strachan, Non-Executive Director

Email: crispianstrachan@restorativesolutions.org.uk

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Crispian Strachan

Helen Mason, Training Manager

Email: helenmason@restorativesolutions.org.uk

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Dave Aukett, Project Manager: Restorative Prisons

Email: daveaukett@restorativesolutions.org.uk

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Michael Hartnack, Coordinator: Lincolnshire BOSS

Email: michaelhartnack@restorativesolutions.org.uk

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Clare Boardman, Service Delivery Manager: Lincolnshire BOSS

Email: clareboardman@restorativesolutions.org.uk

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Suzanne McLardy, RJ Service Delivery Manager: Lincolnshire

Email: suzannemclardy@restorativesolutions.org.uk

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Kate Brooksbank, Bradford RJ Hub Manager & West Yorkshire RJ Development Manager

Email: katebrooksbank@restorativesolutions.org.uk

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Gary Williams, Service Delivery Manager: Leicestershire & Bedfordshire

Email: garywilliams@restorativesolutions.org.uk

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Pauline Woodhouse, Service Delivery Manager: Leicestershire & Bedfordshire

Email: paulinewoodhouse@restorativesolutions.org.uk

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Sophie Haines, Service Delivery Manager: Hampshire

Email: sophiehaines@restorativesolutions.org.uk

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Paula Somersall, Service Delivery Manager: Durham

Email: paulasomersall@restorativesolutions.org.uk

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Nikki Spelling, HR Administrator

Email: nikkispelling@restorativesolutions.org.uk

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Ralph Tingle, Finance Manager

Email: ralphtingle@restorativesolutions.org.uk

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Jill Stephenson, Finance Support

Email: jillstephenson@restorativesolutions.org.uk

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Press Office 

For all enquiries please contact Atul Sharda email: atulsharda@restorativesolutions.org.uk 

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