Atul Sharda

Director of Business Development

Atul started his career in a busy South East London Job Center where he became aware of how problems such as debt, relationship breakdown and a lack of social skills can lead to constant conflict and harmful behavior. He received an award for introducing a new client-focused system so that Advisers would meet with the same clients and be able to discuss their progress in seeking suitable employment or training. Atul’s passion is for improving the life chances of vulnerable groups through ‘empowerment’ and building their capability to access information, develop empathy skills and emotional literacy. 

He has developed a broad set of strategic, analytical, communication and operational management skills through having worked in education, employment and justice policy making. He has managed innovative projects within government, such as ‘MyGuide’ to help people with low IT skills or disabilities to use the internet. More recently he supported the development of Public Legal Education, undertook a systems analysis of Legal Aid, introduced the Family Mediation Information and Assessment Protocol and the legislation for Pre-Sentence Restorative Justice. As Head of Restorative Justice policy at the Ministry of Justice he drafted the Restorative Justice Action Plan in 2012.

He has managed several RJ Scoping Studies for Police and Crime Commissioners and is constantly looking at building new relationships to deliver innovative products and services for Restorative Solutions.

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