Restorative Solutions is engaged with a diverse and wide range of public and private sector organisations, agencies and communities who are all committed to making a difference through restorative approaches. These include:

Ministry of Justice

Restorative Justice Council

Restorative Solutions is a Registered Training Provider with the Restorative Justice Council, and adheres to the RJC Trainers Code of Practice.

Institute for Criminal Research

A study into Probation Quality and Engagement with Offenders forms part of the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) Offender Engagement Programme (OEP). The OEP seeks to investigate the hypothesis that one-to-one work with those under probation supervision can be a powerful vehicle for facilitating behavioural change. By establishing what supports effective engagement and better understanding how to overcome the barriers which hinder these processes, the aim of the OEP is to better enable practitioners to reduce reoffending and change probationers' lives through their one-to-one engagement with them.

HM Prison & Probation Service

Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) works with partners to carry out the sentences given by the courts, either in custody or the community.

HMPPS reduces reoffending by rehabilitating the people in their care through education and employment. The agency is made up of Her Majesty’s Prison Service, the National Probation Service and a headquarters focussed on creating tools and learning.


Within England and Wales, HMPPS is responsible for:

  • running prison and probation services
  • rehabilitation services for people in their care leaving prison
  • making sure support is available to stop people reoffending
  • contract managing private sector prisons and services such as:
    • the prisoner escort service
    • electronic tagging

Through HM Prison Service: they manage public sector prisons and the contract for private prisons in England and Wales.

Through the National Probation Service: they oversee probation delivery in England and Wales including through community rehabilitation companies.

Mayor of West Yorkshire

Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner

Kent and Medway Police and Crime Commissioner

Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner

Family Action

Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Catch 22

Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner

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