We work closely with service providers and the public they serve, effectively improving relationships as well as achieving successful outcomes through enabling the effective use of restorative approaches. Our work encompasses the strategic design of services, managing the delivery of services and assessing the impact made of innovative projects.

Scoping Studies and Research

We have worked with a number of Police and Crime Commissioners, undertaking scoping studies and providing consultancy services and expertise.

PCC clients include Avon & Somerset, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Greater Manchester, Gwent, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire and the West Midlands.

The work has included:

  • scoping current levels of RJ provision across criminal justice agencies, both offender and victim focused RJ activity
  • assessing potential future demand in relation to RJ provision
  • identifying current gaps
  • identifying examples of good practice
  • providing recommendations for the PCC in relation to the commissioning of RJ services

Public Research

Understanding the needs of the future users of your services is vitally important. We have the skills and experience to bring together focus groups, facilitate discussion and produce insight reports. 

We are the only organisation that has undertaken direct consultation with the public to understand their needs and expectations from a Restorative Justice service. 

If you would like to find out more about our research or are considering commissioning focus groups, or workshops, with the public or with practitioners, then please contact us.

Courts Based RJ

Having delivered the Pre Sentence RJ Pathfinder Programme we have built up substantial expertise in the introduction of Court Based RJ within the constraints of Transforming Summary Justice and Better Case Management timeliness targets.

Performance Frameworks

We have extensive experience of developing performance frameworks for Restorative Justice services. Our strategic and operational capability will ensure the right data is being collected and measured to enable continuous improvement.

Independent Peer Review of your Restorative Justice Service

Our Peer Review service for Restorative Justice delivery supports you in assessing whether the current delivery model could become more effective and efficient. This includes working with you to assess how Restorative Justice service delivery in the following areas could be improved:

  • Awareness-raising and engagement of victims across all stages of the CJS
  • Access pathways and referrals process
  • Consistency of assessment process and application of appropriate safeguarding guidance
  • Practitioner capability and capacity to deliver
  • Case Management and follow-up to enable continuous improvement
  • Performance measurement that is meaningful and practical

We have a panel of experts who are able to contribute to establishing your priorities and devise a strategic plan for embedding good practice in a sustainable way. Through our management of Restorative Justice services and projects in over 15 Police and Crime Commissioner areas we have gained an immense amount of knowledge and expertise that we are actively seeking to share in a constructive way.

Raising Awareness of Restorative Justice

You can increase victim and offender engagement in RJ through our ‘Let Me Explain’ (LME) toolkit which was developed through consultation with members of the public and can be customised to fit with local information, including contact details, referral and delivery routes. This provides an opportunity to refresh existing communication resources, resulting in a more coherent approach to sign posting to the RJ Services for victims.

We also have significant experience in the development and running of Restorative Justice awareness seminars for a wide range of sectors. Tailored to meet the specific information needs of each audience, our seminars are designed to inform, educate and demonstrate the wide ranging benefits and advantages of adopting a restorative approach within a given setting.

For further information or to arrange a no obligation initial discussion, please contact Gary Stephenson by emailing

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