Management Services

We take pride in managing the delivery of successful projects that are ground breaking and life changing. Our people are hugely experienced in designing, developing and implementing Restorative Approaches in organisations and communities looking for new ways of working.

Using a traditional Restorative Practice methodology, we have innovated and pioneered the use of the approach in sectors across England and Wales including: policing, prisons, schools, and social housing,  to provide a practical and cost-effective tool kit to deal with harm or conflict.

Commissioned Restorative Justice Services

Restorative Solutions can provide an end-to-end capability for Restorative Justice conferencing and other Restorative Justice outcomes. Our team of experienced Restorative Justice practitioners comes from a wide number of agencies, such as probation, prisons, police, education, and includes former offenders who have changed their lives following a Restorative Justice intervention.

We will engage with organisations in order to offer a bespoke service for Restorative Justice conferencing and case management which could include case selection, assessment of suitability, preparatory engagement with participants, post conference support and peer mentoring for offenders prior to and post conference.

Working with Police and Crime Commissioners

Our work has ranged from designing, setting up and delivering a full Restorative Justice Service to testing out pilot projects for addressing local needs. Our approach is to work in partnership to develop services that are safe and effective for the client as well as being cost efficient for the commissioner. We have delivered or are delivering services for Police and Crime Commissioners in the following areas:

  • Avon and Somerset
  • Bedfordshire
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Cleveland
  • Cumbria
  • Devon and Cornwall
  • Durham
  • Dyfed Powys
  • Essex
  • Greater Manchester
  • Gwent
  • Hampshire
  • Hertfordshire
  • Kent
  • Lincolnshire
  • Leicestershire
  • London
  • Merseyside
  • Northamptonshire
  • South Yorkshire
  • Staffordshire
  • West Midlands

Some examples include:

Lincolnshire Restorative Justice Service

This was commissioned by the PCC in April 2015 and renewed in April 2017 for a further 2 years. The Lincolnshire Restorative Justice Service has now been recommissioned until March 2021. We have set up and managed an integrated Restorative Justice service that includes the following:

  • Crime Prevention and Early Intervention
  • Pre-Court (Out of Court [OOC] Disposals)
  • Pre-Sentence
  • Post-Sentence


We have been commissioned by MOPAC to deliver, in partnership with Catch 22, Khulisa and IARS, the Pan-London Restorative Justice Service, Restore:London. As part of this we formed the London RJ Training and Development Hub. This hub assesses current practitioner skills and guides new, as well as existing, practitioners through their career development and continuous learning objectives to provide training and in-depth technical guidance/case supervision to support victims across London. The Hub also provides support for practitioners wishing to gain accreditation through case supervision.

RAiH (Restorative Approaches in Housing)

Straightforward reports of neighbour nuisance can be resolved very quickly by using an instant Restorative Justice technique. This saves costs in terms of time and resources but more importantly can restore good neighbour relationships with minimum harm being caused. More complex cases, involving a history of neighbour nuisance, can be resolved in a more structured setting.

Housing associations and trusts with whom we have worked include:

  • Cherry Tree
  • Community Gateway
  • Golden Gates
  • Northern Counties
  • Places for People
  • Shropshire Housing
  • West Cheshire

For further information or to arrange a no obligation initial discussion, please contact Restorative Solutions on 01772 842 109 or complete our online enquiry form.

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