Restorative Solutions: a snapshot of our most recent practitioner courses

Thursday 6th May 2021

Practitioner courses for housing, enforcement and tenancy officers in Lincolnshire

Restorative Solutions has delivered full three-day practitioner courses to Lincolnshire Police and Housing Officers to effectively practice restorative approaches with housing disputes and anti-social behaviour. 

Restorative Solutions continues to offer training and development across the whole range of areas where the use of restorative approaches can have an impact. One notable area is anti-social behaviour (ASB) and neighbourhood disputes, having taken referrals from various local authorities and housing providers in Lincolnshire and elsewhere, Restorative Solutions has delivered training to its staff.

In Lincolnshire, the Restorative Solutions' team delivered the full three-day practitioner training to housing officers, enforcement officers and tenancy officers to support them in dealing with ASB, harm and conflict between neighbours. 

Over three days attendees learned how to apply restorative practice to these cases, and evidence has shown using restorative approaches can reduce callout and support the community in addressing ASB and disputes.

Restorative Solutions virtual staff and volunteer training

Restorative Solutions recently welcomed 18 new staff and volunteers to the team, and delivering our training online whilst welcoming the new staff from around the country virtually was a new experience for us. 

Delivering the practitioner training via ‘Zoom’ with three trainers, Restorative Solutions was able to use the many facilities of Zoom to use breakout rooms, whiteboards and chat bars. This meant we had a truly interactive experience, of course not quite like being in a room together, but very close. 

Completing all of our work and training online is more tiring than in a room together, especially for three long days, but the introduction of three trainers and a wide range of training styles and methods meant no one was left feeling bored.

Restorative Solutions has since delivered a whole suite of restorative justice and restorative approaches training online, from single sessions to three-day training courses, all of which require proficiency in the use of IT … which has itself been a great learning curve for the team. 

Working with Derbyshire Educational Psychology team to assist their work in Schools and with Families

Education Psychology Departments (EPD) across the UK are key in supporting teachers and staff in schools across the counties. Restorative Solutions was privileged to work with the team in Derbyshire, and it's not the first time we have worked with them. 

The whole group was committed, enthusiastic and appreciative of the tangible benefits of using restorative approaches in their work. Again, flexibility is key so the practitioner training was spread over five days to fit with EPD's needs. This meant Restorative Solutions staff could tell in subsequent sessions how they had already begun to apply restorative approaches to their work. We wish them every success in its implementation.

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