An Offender's Perspective of Restorative Justice

Wednesday 11th December 2019

A recent article from Inside Time offers an insight into an offender's experience of Restorative Justice, and why he would recommend it to others.

The article, titled "Restoring Hope" was written by Raymond Smith, who is currently serving a 12 month sentence for fraud. In the article, Raymond explains how he was encouraged to take part in a five week Restorative Justice course by his probation officer, and despite being initially unenthusiastic, found the course to be "deeply affecting". 

Here's an excerpt from the article: 

"We all want to be out free. We all need educational support and training so that when we leave prison we can find work and a future. We all need support in ensuring we have somewhere to live when we leave prison, as those with no home to go to are far more likely to reoffend; that is self-evident and proven. The determination to find work and get that decent future is part of trying to ensure we do not end up back inside again. But in my view a sincere self-assessment of the implications of the actions that took us into prison is another vital stage in getting set up for a good future, so if you’re offered Restorative Justice I suggest you take it with an open mind. I hope it is widened and expanded to cover inside and outside prison. I’ve seen it work. It’s another step on the long, hard road to rehabilitation. And it is bloody uncomfortable. Medicine is supposed to taste bad."

You can read the full article here

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