Bespoke Restorative Approaches training for The City of Wolverhampton Council

Monday 22nd March 2021

As mentioned in our previous blog, the Restorative Solutions team has been very proactive in finding new ways to continue delivering our services - including bespoke restorative justice and restorative approaches training delivered virtually. 

Here's our first example of how we've adapted our approach in recent months...

Bespoke training developed for The City of Wolverhampton Council

We're working with The City of Wolverhampton Council to deliver bespoke virtual one-hour restorative approaches sessions. 

In addition to the bespoke training days delivered last year, from January 2021 until this week, Restorative Solutions has delivered 12 days of restorative approaches training sessions to a wide range of staff at The City of Wolverhampton Council as a precursor to their participation in full practitioner training courses. 

Restorative Solutions' restorative approach training sessions are highly interactive sessions that have proven to whet the appetite for future planned courses and engage staff to immediately begin using new restorative skills in informal settings.

Restorative Approaches training with Restorative Solutions

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