Dave Pascoe Speaks to Look North About how Restorative Justice has Helped with the Aftermath of a Tragic Car Accident

Friday 14th January 2022

We're so proud of our team at RJ North Yorkshire for working on this complex and heartbreaking Restorative Justice case.

In March 2018, George Turner and Mason Pearson were killed in a car accident when the driver of the car was racing another vehicle along the A61. The boys' mothers took part in Restorative Justice with the two drivers, who had both been given prison sentences, through our RJ North Yorkshire service provider.

Mrs. Turner, George's mother, expressed that while the men responsible for the accident seemed remorseless, the process still made her feel empowered as she was able to explain to the offenders how the accident has impacted her.

Mrs. Pearson said: "Some people maybe won't understand this, but as mothers we needed to know every minute of what had happened that night to our sons," and that the process helped to "dampen some of the anger or the mixed emotions."

This is another example of how Restorative Justice is able to alleviate some of the pressures of victims of crime, even in the most tragic of circumstances.

Our very own Dave Pascoe, Lead Practitioner, who worked with Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Pearson through this Restorative Justice case, is seen in the video below speaking to Look North about how the Restorative Justice process has been so beneficial in this instance.

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