Restorative Solutions CIC has been working for the past ten years in close partnership with a multitude of local organisations and police forces to make restorative approaches accessible to all. Our aim has always been to provide restorative solutions that reduce harm and resolve conflict.

Police and Crime Comissioners

New legislation recently introduced have given PCC’s the ability to implement innovative solutions that help reduce crime figures, protect victims and engage with the community. Restorative Solutions has been working with local organisations and police forces for the past ten years, helping deliver victim-centred RJ programmes that also reduce offender re-incidence.

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Transforming Rehabilitation

Restorative Solutions are trusted advisors to the Ministry of Justice and actively contributed to developing the Government’s Restorative Justice Action Plan. We work with Police and Crime Commissioners on the implementation of high-quality restorative services within their areas that offer value for money, low risk and measurable outcomes.

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Restorative Approaches Training

We offer a range of training solutions that take practitioners from their Foundation level and up to BTEC Accreditation in Restorative Approaches. We are also able to offer training solutions that suit the specific needs of your organisation, from resolving conflict in the workplace to cases of harmful sexual behaviour. Contact us today and we’ll help you find the right solution for your organisation.

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"We are committed to delivering a bespoke service that is innovative, effective and of a high quality"

Gary Stephenson
Chief Executive
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We work in close partnership with police forces, and a range of business, non-profit and local organisations, to design and implement high-quality restorative services that are accessible to all. By working with others we are able to mobilise resources and engage local knowledge and talent for a more effective delivery of restorative approaches. Contact us today to discuss opportunities to collaborate.

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Experienced and highly trained practitioners are at the heart of quality restorative services. We have developed a suite of services to help practitioners pursue their professional development, which include face-to-face and online training events, Accreditation and continuous support through a Community of Practitioners. Contact us today to find out more.

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With new legislation strongly endorsing the use of Restorative Justice to solve conflict and reduce harm, there has never been a better time to train as a RJ Practitioner. If you are interested in Restorative Approaches, read all about our training courses to find out about the next event in your area.

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