Commissioned Restorative Justice Services

Restorative Solutions provide an end-to-end capability for Restorative Justice conferencing and other Restorative Justice outcomes. Our team of experienced Restorative Justice practitioners comes from a wide number of agencies, such as probation, prisons, police, education, and includes former offenders who have changed their lives following a Restorative Justice intervention.

We engage with organisations in order to offer a bespoke service for Restorative Justice conferencing and case management which could include case selection, assessment of suitability, preparatory engagement with participants, post conference support and peer mentoring for offenders prior to and post conference.

Restorative Solutions currently deliver Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) or Mayoral Commissioned Restorative Justice and Mediation Services in Hampshire & Isle of Wight, Kent & Medway, Lincolnshire, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Merseyside and Dorset. We have achieved the new Restorative Justice Council ‘s Registered Service Provider scheme for all our contracts, having previously held the RJC RSQM in all areas we have worked.

Our service model is clear, designed to meet fully or exceed the client’s specification. It contains clear referral routes and processes, a proactive engagement with other criminal justice agencies, shared working with partners and visibility across the criminal justice area with good communications to raise awareness and under-standing. It is straightforward and engages professionals or volunteers recruited from the diverse communities we serve.

We deliver Restorative Justice training and case supervision for PCC commissioned providers in Nottinghamshire, deliver a PCC commissioned Domestic Abuse/Violence perpetrator programme in West Yorkshire (CARA), and child to parent violence programmes in Cumbria (Step Up), West Yorkshire (Restore Families) and Kent & Medway (APV).

We deliver Restorative Justice training and case supervision to numerous other clients across the UK.

We work with a wide range of partners both inside and outside of the CJS - PCCs, police forces, HMPPS, victims services, local authorities, education. The primary aim of partnership work is to establish a critical understanding about Restorative Justice and its benefits to victims of crime. The success of working with existing partners has resulted in identifying opportunities, building professional relationships, identifying good practice in engagement and delivery and understanding barriers pertinent to other professionals and the service users they engage with.

Our services are safe, secure, effective and appropriate focussing on the needs and interests of the victim(s); the main priority being to repair harm and avoid further harm. We deliver services in line with/exceeding national standards including RJC (2020, Code of Practice for Victims (2020), ACPO (now NPCC) guidelines and minimum standards. All staff are the subject of enhanced DBS checks and police vetting.

We are committed to meeting the requirements of the revised Code of Practice for Victims of Crime (November 2020), which forms a key part of the wider Government strategy to transform the CJS by putting victims first and making the system more responsive and easier to navigate.

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What people say about Restorative Solutions

I'm so glad I am working with Restorative Justice. I don't know who would listen to me if it wasn’t for you.
A Person Harmed by Crime
Restorative Justice is very underrated and I certainly think we should be using it more.
A Professional who Referred Someone into our Service
Very satisfied – it’s been a great service. A worthwhile process for me and I hope for the offenders. Staff have been great and I would like to thank them.
A victim
It was the right thing to do. Both victims told me to let go of what happened. I didn't want to hear it but they both forgave me and said I should move on. I have taken that on and thought about it and I have come to terms with what happened. You've helped me significantly. It's as though my head has been lifted of a gigantic weight.
An Offender
Thanks for your time today. I feel like you understand R so well, I really hope you can help him to learn how to be happy.
Feedback from a family in East Kent
Restorative Justice offers a unique opportunity for victims and survivors to move on from and overcome the trauma that can be left with them after experiencing crime. I am exceedingly proud of the work that the team at Restorative Solutions do in supporting our community. We should always consider the needs of victims of crime and this service exemplifies that sentiment and allows so many to put behind them what can be the worst experience of their lives.
Marc Jones, Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner and Chair of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners.

Case Studies

A Creeper Burglary: Restorative Justice Case Study

This was a case of an overnight “creeper” burglary in a residential area where the harmer had gained access through an u...

A Non-Recent Child Sexual Abuse: Restorative Justice Case Study

The victim in this non-recent child sexual abuse case was a 56-year-old woman called Lisa. Her father sexually abused he...

A Robbery: Restorative Justice Case Study

This Restorative Justice case saw Jamie and Ruth openly communicate in a face-to-face conference. Years before, Jamie at...

A Manslaughter: Restorative Justice Case Study

We received a referral from a Victim Liaison Officer who was working on a manslaughter case. The grandmother advised the...

A Workplace Assault: Restorative Justice Case Study

Nick worked at a clothing shop. When he noticed Glenn, a customer, shoplifting, Nick stepped in to challenge him. The po...

An Attempted Burglary: Restorative Justice Case Study

When Joanne and her husband had just gone to bed, they heard a really loud bang downstairs. They immediately thought som...

Death by Drug Overdose: A Restorative Justice Case Study

A young woman passed away after she was supplied Class A drugs. The person who supplied these drugs was convicted and se...

Firearms Offence: A Restorative Justice Case Study

The offender in this case had been suffering with issues affecting his mental health which he tried to manage with alcoh...

Fraud: A Restorative Justice Case Study

The offender defrauded a woman he was in an intimate relationship with, stealing over £50,000 over a course of months. T...

Harmful Sexual Behaviour: A Restorative Justice Case Study

The offender had sexually abused her young daughter, taking inappropriate photographs that were distributed to a third p...

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