Lincolnshire Police Take Part in International Restorative Justice Week

Monday 19th November 2018

In light of International Restorative Justice Week running from the 18th - 25th November, Lincolnshire Police have released a video summarising the role of Restorative Justice, and how it can be helpful for victims. Restorative Justice allows victims to meet with the offender in a safe and controlled environment, where they can ask questions of the offender which may have been unanswered through the criminal justice process, such as the motivation for the offence, or why they were targeted. Taking part in the Restorative Justice process can also be helpful for the victim to gain closure after a traumatic experience.

Restorative Justice does not replace criminal justice proceedings, but works alongside it to provide a service for both the victim and offender; taking part in the Restorative Justice process encourages offenders to take responsibility for their actions, and reduce the likelihood of reoffending.

Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones said: “I’m proud of the exceptional work carried out by our restorative justice team in helping victims of crime to get the closure they seek from perpetrators.  The process is no easy ride for those who commit crime either and often leads to very positive and life changing experiences for all involved. Although not for everyone this process always prioritises the needs of the victim and is a valuable option for those who feel it will benefit them.” 

Superintendent Pete Grayson said:  “Having seen the positive impact that restorative justice can achieve for victims and their families I am a strong advocate for its use and its benefits.”

Restorative Solutions works in partnership with the Police and Crime Commissioner and Lincolnshire Police to support victims of crime in Lincolnshire through Restorative Justice.

To find out more about the Restorative Justice service in Lincolnshire, please contact Jill Hill by emailing or phoning 01522 947246.

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