The Monument Trust: awarded Juvenile Justice Without Borders International Award 2020

Friday 30th April 2021

The Monument Trust: Juvenile Justice Without Borders International Award

The Monument Trust has been awarded a Juvenile Justice Without Borders International Award for its extensive philanthropic work from 1965 to 2018. 

The International Juvenile Justice Observatory commended the Monument Trust for contributing to the strengthening of crime prevention and the enhancement and promotion of diversion, restorative justice, innovative approaches for care, education and training during custody, and strategies for supporting social reintegration, among other aspects of juvenile justice. 

 The Monument Trust is now closed and The Monument Fellowship, managed by the Woolbeding Charity works to take forward the Trust’s legacy. 

The Fellowship consists of: Restorative Solutions CIC, Centre for Justice Innovation, Lemos and Crane: The Good Prison, Khulisa, Diagrama Foundation UK, Clinks, Koestler Arts and the NCJAA.

Mark Woodruff, Social Development Grants Programme Manager at The Monument Trust (1999-2018)

“The Trustees made it their explicit aim to keep young people out of prison and, if they do err, to ensure they never go back. For the next 20 years and more, Monument stepped up our investment in scores of projects, programmes and research in action, to improve on what prisons can do positively and how to put things right after, and even better, to reanimate the older wisdom of prevention; and motivating people all the way through, with a higher vision of how their future could be.”

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