Video: Victim Care Merseyside partners with Restorative Solutions to offer support to victims of crime

Thursday 22nd November 2018

Merseyside OPCC, in partnership with Restorative Solutions, have produced a short video encouraging victims of crime to participate in Restorative Justice in order to help them recover from the crime and move on with their lives.

In the video, Louise explains the benefits she felt from taking part in RJ, saying that; “It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders [...] It was quite uplifting really.

“I could then start to move on with my life, because I’ve now got answers to the questions I’ve held since I was a five-year-old little girl. It’s kind of really changed the way I think and feel about what happened to me as a young girl. I’ve now started to feel happy, I’ve been promoted in work, and I’m kind of putting that behind me. I have got that power and that control and it’s a really, really lovely, uplifting feeling.”

The video explains how RJ is a voluntary process, whereby the offender must have admitted to the crime before communication can take place, and both the victim and offender must be willing to participate. The short video also explains how the RJ process works, as well as the steps which a victim of crime can take if they are interested in taking part in restorative justice.

Jeannette Wrigley, lead RJ practitioner for Restorative Solutions, said: “Restorative justice can have a huge impact. It empowers victims, giving them the opportunity to meet or communicate with their offenders in a safe environment.” 

Restorative Solutions are delighted to be partnering with Victim Care Merseyside to support victims of crime through the process of RJ, and so pleased to see the positive impact that RJ is having on people like Louise, who now feel able to move on with their lives thanks to RJ.

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