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We provide training in Restorative Approaches at all levels and we are experienced in designing bespoke courses. Our training is delivered in accordance with the Restorative Justice Council’s Best Practice Guidance (2011) and complies with the Code of Conduct for Trainers.

Our Practitioner Training Courses are highly participative and achieve experiential learning through a series of sessions supported by the training guide. Each session builds upon the last so as to maximise knowledge and skills development.

The delivery style reflects the restorative process. The approach is inclusive and seeks to provide all participants with an understanding of and an opportunity to practice restorative interventions in both informal and formal settings.

Restorative approaches are now being offered in a wider range of situations, meaning that demand for practitioners has increased substantially and this trend is likely to continue in the near future. For those seeking employment, or even self-employment, training in Restorative Approaches could represent a great opportunity to start on a new career path. Those already in work could benefit from an expanded skills bank.

Training Services Testimonial

Harmful Sexual Behaviour Training:

"I booked the course for myself and 3 volunteer facilitators from our partnership. All of us agreed that it was the best training we had been on. The use of 5 trainers worked really well and they blended seamlessly across the days with each trainer being their own specialist knowledge to the training. We all felt more equipped to work in the specialist area of RJ and HSB and also felt we had made some excellent contacts if we had any follow up questions."

Becky Beard - Project coordinator, Restorative Gloucestershire 

Practitioner Training in Restorative Approaches:

"The service, guidance and support myself and my team have received from Restorative Solutions has been amazing. The training we have received has enabled us to become one of the most successful schemes in the North West. Nothing is ever to much trouble for them and they are always on hand to offer a helping hand."

Vickie Yardley - Restorative Justice Coordinator, Tameside Neighbourhood Resolution Panels 

Practitioner Training in Restorative Approaches:

"I attended the Restorative Justice course 12 months ago. It was an extremely enlightening and informative course. It was presented well, giving a good indication of what is required to become a Restorative Justice Practitioner/Facilitator. The role plays were useful and gave an opportunity to put the theory into practice. Personally, it gave me an insight to how RJ can be used to deal with both the victim and offender. The victim is given a voice and opportunity to face the offender and to say how they felt about what happened, therefore allowing the offender a chance to hear the effect of their actions.

Professionally, it has given me another perspective on the Criminal Justice System. It provides me with the chance to witness reparation and apology from the offender to empower the victim to feel they have had an opportunity to, “have a voice!” I never cease to be amazed at how powerful the RJ process can be. Thank you to all at Restorative Solutions for such a first class experience!"

Sheena Ruston - Volunteer Co-ordinator, ROC Restore Bury, Redeeming Our Communities --

BTEC Level 4 Restorative Justice Approaches

"Just received notification of passing the BTEC Case Supervisor course and wanted to recommend it. If you want to continue your development as a practitioner OR if you've been round the block a few times (that's me!) and could do with MORE than a refresher, this course is for you! It's great to put the day job to one side, clear the head and give some thought to effective management of restorative practice. Its a very practical course with a focus on the reality of supervising and managing processes in our unique world. Just drop me a line if you want more info.

Dave Aukett - RJ Trainer

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