Privacy and Cookies Policy

This is the main privacy policy for and for certain services provided through this and other related business units or divisions, as well as web sites created for specific projects or in partnership with other organisations but led by Restorative Solutions CIC.

 As a principle we do not collect information about users of, but we may collect different types of information about our users of other websites controlled by Restorative Solutions CIC for three main reasons:

 1. To provide personalised services unique to individual users

 2. To help us to monitor and improve the services we offer

 3. If we have permission from the user, to market services to them

 We do not collect user information for advertising services offered by third parties (such as Google, Facebook, etc), and we do not share or sell user information to third parties.

 There may be other privacy policies that apply to certain services we provide. Please read these when you register or subscribe for these services on these sites.

Our principles

 1 We do our very best to protect your privacy by using security technology appropriately. This means we make sure that we have appropriate security measures to protect your information; and we make sure that when we ask another organisation to provide a service for us, they have appropriate security measures.

 2 We will respect your privacy. You should receive marketing emails only from us. We will make sure it is clear when you can make these choices, for example, we have boxes you need to tick if you want to receive marketing. However, we may email you occasionally with information that we consider relevant to you.

 3. For some services, we will collect and use individual user details only if we have your permission or we have sensible business reasons for doing so, such as collecting enough information to manage subscriptions or evaluate campaigns.

4 We will be clear in our dealings with you as to what information about you we will collect and how we will use it.

5 We will use personal information only for the purposes for which it was originally collected and we will make sure we delete it securely.

 6 If we or our service providers transfer any information out of the European Economic Area (EEA), it will only be done with the relevant protection (stated under UK law) being in place.

 How we use your information

What information do we collect?

  We collect information on you:

 • when you use the website, but in statistical form

 • if you choose to reveal information in postings on any or our related sites

  • when you enter sales promotions and competitions offered to you directly by Restorative Solutions CIC or any of its units, and when you contact us, either by email, phone or the contact form available on our different sites.

 Although our sites don’t use cookies we may start doing so at some point - this will be properly communicated to you when you visit our sites.


The use of the main website does not require registration, but other sites might do. The minimum information we need to register you is your name, email address and a password. We may ask you more questions for different services, including sales promotions.

 We may also ask some other, voluntary questions during registration for certain services so we can gain a clearer understanding of who you are. This is done to verify your identity and may also allows us to personalise services for you.

After you have registered, and with your permission, we may send you emails we think may interest you. At any time you can decide not to receive these emails and will be able to 'unsubscribe'

Logging in using social networking credentials

 If you log-in to our sites using a Facebook log-in, you are granting permission to Facebook to share your user details with us. This will include your name, email address, date of birth and location which will then be used to form an identity. You can also use your picture from Facebook as part of your profile. This will also allow us and Facebook to share your networks user ID and any other information you choose to share according to your Facebook account settings.

 If you log-in to our sites using a Google log-in, you grant permission to Google to share your user details with us. This will include your name, email address, date of birth, sex and location which we will then use to form an identity. You may use your picture from Google as part of your profile. This also allows us to share your networks, user ID and any other information you choose to share according to your Google account settings.

Updating your personal information

We try to keep the amount of information we collect from users to a minimum. In accordance with applicable legislation in the UK that information can be accessed and updated by you through a request sent to

 We will not share your personal information with others for marketing purposes but may use it for internal marketing purposes.

 We may make other organisations' services available, through our sites, although we are not necessarily operating these sites. We process any information which we collect when you access a service provided by another organisation under this privacy policy. Information these other organisations collect is governed by their own privacy policies.

 We can access and release personal information to keep to relevant laws and government requests, to operate our systems properly and to protect both us and our users.

 Any other organisations who access your information in the course of providing services on our behalf will be governed by strict contractual restrictions to make sure that they protect your information and keep to data-protection and privacy laws which apply. We may also independently audit these service providers to make sure that they meet our standards. We may use service providers to help us run these sites (or services available on the sites), some of whom may be based outside the EEA.

 Some of our webpages use plug-ins from other organisations (such as the 'Facebook Recommend' function). These other organisations may use information about your visit to our websites on their pages. If you browse these pages while still also logged in to your account with us, information they collect may be connected to your account on their site. For more information on how these organisations use information, please read their privacy policies.  

Use of Cookies

 We currently do not use cookies, but may start doing it in the future for a number of reasons.

 1 For statistical purposes to track how many users we have and how often they visit our websites. We may collect information listing which of our pages are most frequently visited, and by which types of users and from which countries.

 2 We may use other organisations to collect anonymous user information, sometimes through cookies and web beacons,(information embedded in images which allow them to analyse how the website is being used and the number of visitors).

3 We and other business units or partner organisations may use statistical cookies to track who has seen an advert or promotion and clicked on it. You can find more information on this in the online behavioural advertising section of this privacy policy.

 4 Placing cookies on your computer means we can show you adverts that you might be interested in, and allows us to control the number of times you see them and measure how effective the ad campaign has been. Advertising helps us to keep some of our services free for you to use.

 5 We may use 'Flash' cookies to store your preferences for your media player (for example, volume and so on). If we don't use them, you may not be able to watch some video content.

6 We or other business units or related partner companies may use cookies to suggest and deliver content which we believe may interest you.

 Where cookies are employed, by using the sites you are agreeing to the use of cookies as described.

About our advertising

 We may only advertise products, services generated by Restorative Solutions CIC, its business units or partner organisations. This may include promotions and discounts, special offers, prize draws, events, books and magazines, subscriptions and any other products that we consider relevant to you.

Legal information and how to contact us

Under the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) we have to say who the 'data controller' is for and services provided through our various sites. The data controller is the organisation responsible for protecting information and, in our case, is Restorative Solutions CIC, Unit 5, Albert Edward House, The Pavilions, Ashton-on-Ribble,Preston PR2 2YB

If you would like access to or a copy of the personal information we hold about you, to request a correction, or have any questions about how we may use it or to make a complaint, please contact us on, or call 01772 842109.

 Complaints will be dealt with be evaluated by the appropriate manager within the organisation and will be responded to within 30 days at the latest.

 If you are not satisfied with the way your complaint was handled, you may be able to refer your complaint to your local data protection regulator.

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What people say about Restorative Solutions

I'm so glad I am working with Restorative Justice. I don't know who would listen to me if it wasn’t for you.
A Person Harmed by Crime
Restorative Justice is very underrated and I certainly think we should be using it more.
A Professional who Referred Someone into our Service
Very satisfied – it’s been a great service. A worthwhile process for me and I hope for the offenders. Staff have been great and I would like to thank them.
A victim
It was the right thing to do. Both victims told me to let go of what happened. I didn't want to hear it but they both forgave me and said I should move on. I have taken that on and thought about it and I have come to terms with what happened. You've helped me significantly. It's as though my head has been lifted of a gigantic weight.
An Offender
Thanks for your time today. I feel like you understand R so well, I really hope you can help him to learn how to be happy.
Feedback from a family in East Kent
Restorative Justice offers a unique opportunity for victims and survivors to move on from and overcome the trauma that can be left with them after experiencing crime. I am exceedingly proud of the work that the team at Restorative Solutions do in supporting our community. We should always consider the needs of victims of crime and this service exemplifies that sentiment and allows so many to put behind them what can be the worst experience of their lives.
Marc Jones, Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner and Chair of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners.

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