Restorative Interventions in Hate Crime

Thursday 4th October 2018
Restorative Interventions in Hate Crime

Restorative Justice can be particularly effective in tackling prejudice, provide victims with a voice and promote understanding of the impact of Hate crimes, but victims are sometimes reluctant to come forward and either report crimes or engage directly with offenders.

To address this a partnership between Restorative Solutions, the PCC and Hampshire Constabulary has been launched to make more effective use of restorative interventions to tackle hate based crimes. In doing so the pilot aims to;

  • Support Hampshire Constabulary and OPCC restorative justice strategy
  • To tackle prejudice and promote understanding
  • Manage offenders
  • Provide continuing support and opportunity for victims to engage in restorative process.
  • Where the Victim does not wish to engage with the restorative service RS will offer an intervention based on Restorative Principles, Values and Practice to the perpetrator.


  • Trust and Understanding
  • Impact and Harm
  • Non – judgmental
  • Offering referral on to other services
  • Voluntary
  • RS will contact all victims in the programme to make an enhanced offer and inform them of the programme
  • Local Inspectors will supervise and monitor eligibility criteria
  • Pilot will be used to develop an evidence base for wider force consideration

Where causal factors are identified appropriate signposting or referral will be made (with consent).

The programme will be subject of evaluation.

Recent feedback from a volunteer involved in an early referral was very positive:

“… It was a much better programme than I had anticipated and in part, I believe, that was down to your approach. You enabled the perpetrator to be heard, but at the same time did not allow him to ‘victim blame’. You reminded him on a number of occasions that he had already admitted that his behaviour was indefensible and often reminded him of this when he raised what he saw as "mitigation or provocation". You kept the session flowing but in an accessible way, which allowed the perpetrator to engage with the discussion, our input and the videos. Regardless of what he saw as provocation etc., the fact remains that there is no justification for displays of hate crime, which he accepted.”

Restorative Solutions is delighted to be involved in this important area of policing and restorative justice and we look forward to continuing our project in Hampshire and elsewhere in the UK including West Yorkshire.

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