Restorative Justice at the Labour Party Conference 2019

Tuesday 24th September 2019

We are thrilled that a former victim of crime who took part in restorative justice took to the stage at the Labour party conference in Brighton today, to discuss the benefits of restorative justice. 

Lucy Fry took part in restorative justice, provided by Restorative Justice Kent, after being a victim of crime. Lucy’s experience of restorative justice has enabled her to move on with her life, and she now advocates for the benefits of taking part in restorative justice, and how it can be helpful for victims of crime.

Lucy spoke today at a fringe event at the Labour party conference, in order to increase awareness of the effectiveness of RJ. We’re delighted that RJ is being recognised and featured at the conference, and hope to increase awareness of how taking part in RJ can benefit both victims of crime as well as offenders.

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