Restorative Justice at the Winchester Festival of Communications

Thursday 13th February 2020

Jane and Liz from Restorative Solutions attended the Festival of Communications Event last night in Winchester to raise awareness of Restorative Justice.

RJ is all about communication, whether it's between victims and offenders, or between any two parties who are experiencing conflict.

Restorative Justice offers victims an opportunity to be heard, to ask questions of the offender, and to have their say in the resolution of the harm caused. Research shows that RJ reduces reoffending and helps to reduce harm in our community.

RJ has a proven, significant impact in supporting victims in achieving closure and allowing them to move on with their lives. 85% of victims who have participated in Restorative Justice would recommend it to others. For offenders, RJ provides an opportunity to face the consequences of their actions, recognising the impact that their offending behaviour has had upon others and, where possible, make amends.

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