Restorative Justice Service Delivery Manager Plans Charity Channel Swim

Monday 24th February 2020

We’re extremely proud of Jill Hill, our Restorative Justice Service Delivery Manager, who will be taking part in an English Channel Relay Swim for Charity later this year. 

Jill will be swimming the channel to raise money for Aspire, a charity which helps people who have been paralysed by spinal cord injuries. Aspire offers practical support to people with spinal injuries, allowing those affected to live fulfilled and independent lives. Jill chose to fundraise for Aspire as her husband and sons play rugby, and know of people who have been affected by spinal injuries. 

Jill Hill (second from the right), our Restorative Justice Service Delivery Manager, will be taking part in a Channel Relay Swim to raise funds for a spinal injury charity.

The Relay Channel Swim challenge covers 22 miles between Dover and France. Teams of six swimmers take it in turns to swim the channel for an hour, in rotation, with the next swimmer overtaking the previous swimmer, until the team reaches France. 

There will be a total of 11 teams taking on the relay swim for Aspire, starting in June 2020. The challenge is weather dependent, but Jill estimates that her team will be swimming the Channel in September.

Jill has a fantastic sense of adventure: she has completed a half marathon, walked 100 miles on the Great Wall of China, and tries to challenge herself around every six years. She chose to take part in the channel swim as she’d never done a swimming challenge before. A lot of planning and training has gone into preparing for the Relay Channel Swim; for the past year, Jill has taken part in open water swimming, and is currently training in an outdoor swimming pool. Jill told us that she’s feeling both excited and nervous - depending on which day you ask her! - about the relay swim, and thinks that coping with the very cold temperature of the water will be the biggest obstacle.

We’d like to wish Jill good luck on behalf of everyone at Restorative Solutions. If you’d like to donate to Jill’s JustGiving page, you can do so here:

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