Restorative Justice: Supporting Victims and Reforming Offenders

Friday 21st July 2017

Atul Sharda presented our perspective at the “Restorative Justice: Supporting Victims and Reforming Offenders” Westminster Briefing conference on 6 July in Manchester. The conference brought together a range of speakers and guests to consider the national landscape for restorative justice and good practice. There was much experience, support and most importantly passion at the conference towards restorative justice and also continuing concerns on:

- how the problem of 'patchy provision' could be overcome

- how every area could have appropriately trained and skilled practitioners

- whether restorative justice is an appropriate intervention for victims of domestic abuse/violence

- how a real victim focused restorative justice service could be developed and effectively delivered

- how information sharing across CJS and support services could be improved

Atul summed up the discussion as being an underlining statement on how we need to be more innovative in engaging more victims and offenders to participate in restorative justice as well as being more open to spreading the restorative way of thinking across all local and national public services. This is where the innovative work that Restorative Solutions is pivotal in bringing new forms of restorative approaches to individuals trying to cope with the emotional impact of conflict and harm in all forms. The highlight of the conference was hearing the letter from a victim of sexual abuse read out by Kate Brooksbank from West Yorkshire and hearing how Jacob Dunne had met with the parents of his victim and how it has changed his life.  

These brought to life the importance of our work.

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